Welcome to Common Prayers

This website is a personal project to share, and comment on, some of my favorite prayers, hymns, and devotions. Eventually I will collect many of these into a little pocket prayer book that readers will be able to purchase, if they wish. Some of the things I post here will already be familiar to many Catholics, but others, taken from the Anglo-Catholic tradition, may not. Yet all will be fitting for Catholic devotion.

Anglican and Catholic

Canterbury cross
The Canterbury Cross, an ancient symbol of English Christianity

I am a member of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter, which is a kind of non-geographical diocese for Catholics in North America who have, in some way or another, been formed in the Anglican tradition. (There are similar Ordinariates in Great Britain and in Australia.) The Ordinariate and its members are “Roman” Catholics, but with an Anglican flavor – that is, we are not a separate rite (such as Maronite or Byzantine Catholics), but worship according to a special “use” of the Latin rite. Visitors to an Ordinariate parish, however, will immediately notice the distinctive flavor of our worship. Any Catholic is free to worship at an Ordinariate parish, without any special permission. (If you’d like to know more about the Ordinariates click on one of the links above.)

The prayer book was originally planned as a kind of replacement for a little pocket book of prayers beloved of many current and former American Anglicans, called Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book. Since then, I’ve realized that I want to produce a manual that will blend familiar Catholic prayers with Anglo-Catholic devotions, and perhaps also include a few things not commonly found in such prayer manuals. At any rate, I hope eventually to produce a collection prayers and devotions that can be used and appreciated by “garden variety” Catholics as well as those from the Anglican tradition. Some of those prayers will appear here on this blog first, allowing me to introduce to a general readership many of the prayers and devotions that have nurtured my soul over the years.

Get in touch, stay in touch

But I also want to include many prayers and devotions that are already beloved to many Catholics. Do you have a favorite prayer, devotion, or hymn? Let me know what it is by filling in the form below. I may decide to include it on this website and, eventually, in the prayer book. This form will also add you to my email list, so that I can keep you up to date on everything happening here on the blog, and let you know when the prayer book is ready for the world.